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Dual Power Supply Circuit

Dual power supply circuit Some circuit required dual power for better operation like power amplifier, audio amplifier or other power circuit . That circuits made for operating with dual supply input voltage. Dual supply means- …

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Transistor Working Basic

 How transistor works  Transistor working simple Transistor is a 3 Terminal electronic semiconductor component/device. It has three terminals named a BASE, Emitter, And Collector. Transistor name meaning lies in its own working. Trans + istor …

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How To Connect Microphone with Any Amplifier

Homemade MIC Amplifier Loudspeaker connection circuit how to connect condenser mic to amplifier You can connect condenser MIC with an amplifier circuit as given below diagram. This circuit will work very well with any type …

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Simple 5 LED Blinker/Flasher circuit

led flasher circuit diagram

Simple LED Flasher/chaser/Blinker Circuit This circuit is made using 5 npn transistors, some capacitors and some resistors. 5 LEDs are blinking as shown in this video gif . you can connect more LEDs as this …

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Simple 2 LED Blinking Flasher Circuit

 2 Led Flasher circuit Simple Blinking Flasher LED circuit This simple led flasher blinker circuit made by using two npn BC547 transistor and some resistors and capacitors. The speed of blinking can be changed by …

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500m FM transmitter circuit

easy fm bug transmitter circuit

  Easy, Simple and best FM transmitter circuit for homemade mini radio station  Homemade FM Transmitter circuit diagram Components Transistor- 2N3904-2 Resistor-1M-1, 470Ω-1, 47kΩ-2, 10kΩ-1 Capacitor-1nf-1, 0.1uf-3, 10pf-2, 33pf-2 Inductor- 4-5 Turn of 4 mm dia …

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Fan Regulator/AC dimmer

Electronic Fan Regulator AC Light Dimmer circuit Resistive fan regulator We first discuss the conventional big-size resistive fan regulator. Conventional Old ceiling fan regulators use resistive wire to connect in series and there are multiple …

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What is Impedance, Impedance vs Resistance

 Resistance vs Impedance What is impedance Impedance (Z)  is similar to Resistance (R) . Impedance and Resistance both oppose the current in the circuit. Both are almost the same thing, But resistance related to DC …

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Semiconductor P-N Diode | P-N Junction

P-N Junction Diode  A diode is a two-terminal polarised electronic semiconductor device. One terminal is Anode(-) and the other is Cathode(+). The cathode is marked with a silver colour or colour band. This is the …

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Police Siren Sound Effect Circuit

Police siren sound effect circuit

Electronic Siren Circuit Diagram  siren circuit using 555 timer We are going to make a Police Siren Circuit using two 555 timer IC. The circuit will produce an up-down wailing sound from the speaker. In …

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LED Sequencer Chaser Circuit with 17 LEDs

LED flasher circuit

Sequential 17 LED Chaser circuit Without Microcontroller LED is the very popular visual decorative lighting thing with very low power consumption. The brightness and looking of colouring combination with multiple LEDs makes an good looking …

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