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Decade counter 4017

CD4017, 4017 counter pin diagram

  4017 Counter ic Working CD4017 or HCF4017BE or 74HC4017 is a CMOS decade counter/ Divider. It has 16 pins and this counter has 10 decoded outputs.  This is known also as 10 stages ‘Johnson …

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What is NOT gate (Inverter)

What is NOT gate (Inverter)  NOT gate logic inverter circuit NOT gate is Device which gives output always the inverse of INPUT. NOT gate output is always the complement of its INPUT. NOT gate also …

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Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit Using CD6283

CD6283 Stereo Amplifier Circuit Diagram CD6283/A6283 is Dual channel Medium Power Audio Amplifier. This ic mostly used in portable Mp3 player, CD/DVD player, Radio tape  player etc. Best Suitable for Low Power Best Quality Audio …

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Delay OFF Timer Circuit

Delay OFF Timer Circuit Diagram

Delay OFF Timer circuit For OFF time Delay , Switch OFF Delay Timer Timer Circuit For Automatic Switch OFF Any appliance After a fix Time Duration. When switch S1 is pressed then Output Will Give …

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Very sensitive Clap operated ON OFF Switch

Simple clap switch circuit diagram 220v using relay High Sensitive Clap operated switch circuit Without Microcontroller.When clapped , Connected Load is Switch ON.  Again Clap, Load is switch OFF. condenser mic is worked as sound …

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Very simple FM Radio Receiver Circuit

Simple FM Radio Receiver circuit diagram

  This is a circuit of very simple and easy FM Radio Receiver that Receives and Demodulate the FM frequency. You Should Connect an Audio Amplifier With output of FM receiver For Sufficient output that …

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Stereo Audio Amplifier Using CD4440 / LA4440

LA4440 ic Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram LA4440 or CD4440 is a dual channel audio Monolithic amplifier integrated circuit.  This IC amplifier has 2 modes – Stereo Amplifier And Bridge Amplifier Mode According to Datasheet, …

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Light Activated Switch Without Relay

Light sensitive switch circuit

Light/Dark Activated Switch circuit without Relay The Working Principle of this Automatic Bulb Switch same as My previous Project Automatic Transformerless Light Switch.  But Here Used A Triac At the place of Relay. In the circuit, …

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Automatic Night Light using LDR

Light Switch using LDR Without transmormer

LDR circuit diagram LDR darkness sensor circuit This is an Automatic Night Light circuit Without Transformer operated by Light Using Light Sensor LDR (Light-dependent resistor). This Transformerless Automatic Light operated Night Light circuit is very …

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Switch ON Delay Timer circuit

ON Time Delay Timer Circuit Diagram For Switch ON Any Load After Some Duration

Switch ON Delay Timer Circuit Diagram Power ON Delay Timer  If You Want to switch on any Load After Some Moment Or Some Duration Then You Can Use this Timer Circuit. This is Tested.  Timing …

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BASS Booster Circuit For Only BASS

  Bass Booster Circuit For BASS Increase For Music Player  This is The Circuit Only For BASS,  By using this circuit the audio is Boosted to Extra Bass Effect. This circuit Give Clear Bass Without …

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Tone Control Circuit Diagram

Tone Controller / BASS And TREBLE Controller When you listen audio from any sound Producer Like Tv, Radio, CD/DVD Player, Home Theater Etc. You Notice that there are a controller to control the Effect of …

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Single Touch ON OFF Switch

Single Touch ON OFF Switch Circuit ON- OFF Any Appliance Using Single Touch Plate. in this circuit Two ICs are used, One is 555 timer ic, and the second is D-Flip-Flop 7474 ic. When Once …

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    Download Datasheet Of IC CD4047 Datasheet_CD4047 Datasheet_CD4047  Texas

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Low Cost 500w Inverter Circuit Using 2N3055

high power inverter circuit

  Two IC Used in this circuit. Multivibrator CD4047 And Opamp Comparator LM324 . 6  Power Transistors are Used to make High Load Capacity Inverter. Connection Of Transformer Must be Reversed. Reversed means The Primary …

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Simple Inverter Circuit Diagram

  Simple Inverter Circuit  This is a simple DC to AC inverter circuit project to convert a 12V DC battery become 230V AC.  It can be used to power up the electronic devices which require …

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