Rectifier circuit

A rectifier is a device that converts Alternating current or voltage into Unidirectional current or voltage.

Full wave rectifier

ContentsIntroduction1. Center-Tapped Full-Wave RectifierWorking of Center-Tapped Full-Wave RectifierPeak inverse voltage2. Bridge Rectifier/Full wave bridge rectifierWorking of Bridge rectifier/bridge full wave rectifier workingWorking of full wave bridge rectifier with capacitor filterWhat is Ripple in rectifier outputRipple factor How to Remove Ripple from Rectifier OutputRectification efficiencyTransformer utilization factor (TUF)Other Types of Full-Wave RectifiersApplications of Full-Wave RectifiersSimulation video of

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Half wave rectifier

ContentsIntroductionWhat is Half-Wave RectifierWorking Principlehow many diodes are in a half-wave rectifierOutput CharacteristicsAdvantages and DisadvantagesAdvantages of a Half-Wave RectifierDisadvantages of a Half-Wave RectifierApplications of Half wave rectifierFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ConclusionSimulation video of Half wave rectifier Introduction In the field of electronics and power conversion, rectifiers play a vital role in converting alternating current (AC) to

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