flip flop vs latch difference

Difference between Latch and Flip-flop

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Flip flop and latch difference


Difference between Latch and Flip-flop

Latch Flip flop
1. Structure- latch is purely based on blocks of logic gates


Flip flop made by blocks of logic gates with the use of latch.

Flip flops

2. It does not have clock in it’s internal circuit It has a clock with it’s internal circuit


It checks or monitors inputs continuously and changes the output.

corresponding to inputs.

It checks/monitors input continuously but the output changes with respect to clock signal.
4. Latch is sensitive to input signal only. Flip flop is sensitive to input and clock signal.
5. Inputs can change at any time so It is level trigger Flip flop can get triggered with some instance with clock. So Flip-Flop is an Edge trigger.
6. It cannot be used as resistor It can be used as resistor because it has clock in its circuit.
7. Latch is an asynchronous circuit Flip flop is Synchronous circuit
8. It requires less power than Flip flop It requires more power than latch


Latch does not take delay to respond to output with

respect to input. So latch is faster than Flip Flop.

Flip flop takes delay to respond output because it has input as well as clock signal. So it is Slower than Latch
10. Circuit designing of Latch is Not complex than Flip flop Circuit designing of Flip flop is complex than the Latch.

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