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Welcome friends & visitors On my Website, My name is Aman Bharti. I am from India. I am interested in making and study of Electronics circuit diagram, Electronics is my hobby. I like to share my knowledge and all ideas with people which I get from My Experimental Work and  From different sources. I Am trying To make This Website More Useful as possible For You. You can contact me on-

Email – [email protected]

 Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Circuitspedia-Electronics-Circuit-Diagram-1828100427483348/

My twitter profile- https://twitter.com/aman_bharti2

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This Website is for All, Who are interested in the electronics field especially in implementing different types of circuits and projects. This website has a collection of various types of circuit diagrams based on my experience of working on that and collecting from different sources. Other ideas related to electronics are also shared on this website. This website is very useful for Engineering students, Science students, and any person who wants to get any knowledge About Electronics and Want to make Electronics circuits & projects.

Those people are also invited who wants to share any circuit diagram or idea on my website.  For any suggestion don’t hesitate to contact on – [email protected]circuitspedia.com