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3 led flasher circuit using transistors

Easy 3 Channel LED Flasher/Chaser

3 LED flasher circuit using transistor

Here is another type of LED flasher circuit but this circuit is also about the same as my previous led chaser, here is some change in this circuit. This is a Very  Easy and beautiful LED chaser that is made using without any ic. only transistors, capacitors and resistors are used to make this LED chaser Circuit. This is 3 channel Flashing chaser circuit, 3 step Flashing effect blink  One by one. You can connect Relay and then high voltage AC bulb for blinking purposes. The main working function of this circuit is based on to capacitor charging and discharging timing through the transistor switching.

You can use 5v to 12v DC power supply for operating this led flasher circuit. Use battery or any ac to dc adaptor.

12v led flasher circuit

All transistors are BC547 are used in this circuit. Capacitors you can use between any value of 100uf-470uf. The circuit is very simple. This is one of the best, easy and effective circuit for Beginners and LED lovers. You can arrange LEDs in different patterns as you like and can connect more LEDs with one transistor up to 6. Use can also use transistor 2N2222 at the place of BC547 and connect Upto 20 LED with one transistor.

Schematic diagram 

3 led flasher circuit using transistors



10K -3, 470 Ω -3

Transistors- BC547B-3

Capacitors- 220uf 25v – 3

LED- 3 – 9

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