LED Flasher Circuit diagram

How To Make A Blinking LED Circuit With 555

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Simple LED Flasher with special sequencer running effect without microcontroller

This LED flasher circuit is built with the use of one 555 timer ic and some other components.

In this Flasher circuit, only 7 LEDs are used but you can connect more than 7 LEDs with a proper resistor and transistor.

The 555Timer is connected as Astable configuration mode Which produces a continuous signal of High and Low. A diode is connected with the output pin 3 of 555 which allows the passing of supply of only Low and a resistor is connected with a diode that bypasses a limited current of only a High signal of output from pin3. Pin 5 of 555 has not connected.

HIgh means Positive supply

Low means negative supply

All transistors here used are BC547 but other NPN transistors you can also use at the place of these. The emitter of one transistor is directly connected with the base of another next transistor. By this arrangement of many transistor, you can make this LED flasher circuit with more LEDs up to 10-15 easily. But keep in mind the connection of all transistors.

LED Flasher Circuit Diagram with 555

LED Flasher Running Effect without microcontroller

A 1000u capacitor is used with the output of 555 at the end of the diode and between the negative.

Use minimum 9v DC source. If you use below 9v then some LEDs some LEDs may not glow.

This is a simple circuit and any can easily make this project and use it in-home or any decorative purpose.


LED -7

Transistor- BC547-7

Resistor- 1k-4,  10k-4, 470 ohm- 3, 680 ohm-2

Preset (VR1)- 22k

555 IC-1

Diode – 1N4007-1

Capacitor – 100uf-1, 1000uf -1

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