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What is NOT gate (Inverter)

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What is NOT gate (Inverter)

 NOT gate logic inverter circuit

NOT gate is Device which gives output always the inverse of INPUT. NOT gate output is always the complement of its INPUT. NOT gate also called an INVERTER and which has only one input and only one output. The main function of the inverter (NOT gate) is the invert the input signal at output. Output signal is inverted of the input signal. Low input gives a high output and vice versa.

• In the NOT gate if the input is 1 then the output is 0 and if the input is 0 then its output is 1. Here 1 means the Positive supply or High state. 0 means 0v supply or LOW state.
• We assume that in any NOT gate circuit we connect the input +5v, this +5v input is HIGH and Logically 1. Then the output of it is 0v means Logically 0.
• At input If there is 0v supply. It means input is 0 (LOW) then the output of NOT gate is +ve (HIGH) . Logically 1, and here we use 5v then the output is 5v.
• In other words When the input is OFF then output gets ON and if Input is ON then Output remains OFF.

NOT Gate (inverter) Logic

The output of NOT gate is represented by A- (A bar). If the input is A and output is X then the expression for the output is X=A-.
Not gate may be made using connect of one transistor and two resistors as shown in fig. This method of Realization of the gate is called RTL (Resistor transistor Logic).
When Input is 0v then the transistor is OFF and output which is connected with the collector get current through the resistor R2. When Switch ON and there is a supply Given on Base of transistor then the transistor is Turn ON and current passed between emitter and collector and All voltage is dropped on R2 which is come from VCC and therefore the output is 0v, means output get turn Off.

NOT gate Inverter Logic circuit using transistor

Not gate circuit using transistornot gate inverter using transistor

NOT gate Truth table

In one chip there are NOT Gate include in single IC. The IC 7404 is made for the operation of NOT gate (INVERTER). 7404 ic has 6 NOT gate. The IC 74LS04 is Hex inverter IC. These IC contain six independent inverters.

NOT gate ic 7404 ,74LS04

not gate truth table 1

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