led flasher blinker circuit

Simple 2 LED Blinking Flasher Circuit

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 2 Led Flasher circuit

Simple Blinking Flasher LED circuit

This simple led flasher blinker circuit made by using two npn BC547 transistors and some resistors and capacitors.

The speed of blinking can be changed by changing the value of capacitors C1 and C2. This led flasher circuit is very easy and simple and there is no ic used. Use 9v or 12v battery or adaptor for this circuit. Both NPN transistors you can use of BC547, 548 or 2N2222. This circuit can be operated using DC 6 – 12v Supply.

This circuit basically works on the charging and discharging of capacitors.

Circuit diagram

 blinking led circuit

simple 2 led flasher blinker circuit diagram


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