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555 Timer ic Tutorial

555 Timer   This is very popular and most commonly using ic used for various purposes in the electronics area.  555 timer ic is widely used in many electronic circuits for generating pulses, timer/ delay, oscillation, tone generator, led light flasher, multivibrator, etc. This ic especially designed to accurately produce the required output waveform with the

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10w 10w Stereo Amplifier circuit 2

10w x 10w stereo amplifier circuit diagram using TDA2009

10w x 10w stereo amplifier circuit diagram using TDA2009 IC TDA2009A is class AB dual Hi-Fi  powerful Audio power amplifier assembled in Multiwatt  package, especially designed for high-quality stereo applications as Hi-Fi and music centers. This ic has the following specification •  HIGH OUTPUT POWER (2 x 10W) •  HIGH CURRENT CAPABILITY (UP TO 3.5A) •  AC SHORT

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LM386 Pin Diagram

LM386 Audio Amplifier

LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit  In this project, i am showing you how to build LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit. This is a very low cost and easy to make and can power any speaker. As its cost and fewer components required and as the size of the circuit the output sound is loud and enough for

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small FM transmitter

Small And Long Range Fm Transmitter circuit Fm transmitter is always an interesting circuit idea. This circuit provides the FM frequency signal of about 80 to 115 MHz. You can receive the signal of this transmitter on a receiver at a distance of around about 200 meters. This is a small range portable FM transmitter

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FM Transmitter

Simple FM transmitter Circuit

 Simple FM transmitter Circuit This is a circuit diagram of the FM transmitter which constructed very easily. This FM Transmitter circuit needs very less components. This circuit is based on two NPN transistors of 2N2222 which is a low-power amplifier. At the first transistor stage, the input signal is preamplified and then the transistor T2

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