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Single Touch ON OFF Switch

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Single Touch ON OFF Switch Circuit

ON- OFF Any Appliance Using Single Touch Plate. in this circuit Two ICs are used, One is 555 timer ic, and the second is D-Flip-Flop 7474 ic. When Once Touch the touch plate, The Light is ON, Again If you Touch The Light is switched OFF. You can say that ON-OFF using One Touch Plate or ONE TOUCH POINT this circuit. This Single Touch ON-OFF of this circuit makes it very interesting And Useful. You can use the BC547 Transistor at the place of 2N2222.


• First Touch = ON

• Second Touch = OFF 


One single touch on off switch circuit diagram

BC547 pinpin diagram of 2N2222A















Diode-1 (1N4007)


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3 thoughts on “Single Touch ON OFF Switch”

  1. Hey Aman, I am planning on building your Single Touch ON OFF Switch Circuit and was wondering if I could replace
    Q2: 2n2222A that drives the coil of the relay and the LED with a beefier transistor or mosfet? I have on hand an IRF510 NPN, a IRFZ46, and a few others. Would that work and would I have to change R6 as well??? I am wanting to eliminate the relay and just use a higher amperage transistor or mosfet to turn on some LED’s. My total current won’t be but a little over an amp. Will the 7474 IC handle 12 volts instead of the 5 volts supply? If not, I’ll just use a 7805 VR.

    Also, by the way I am reading your schematic, is R2 a 100k trimmer pot to adjust the sensitivity for the touch plate?

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