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over heat sensor circuit diagram

7 simple electronic circuit diagram for beginners

2 LED flasher circuit using transistor

 battery level indicator circuit diagram

battery charge level indicator circuit diagram

Mini Fm transmitter circuit up to 50M range

mini fm transmitter circuit diagram

contactless electric line tester- detect the line when the sensor wire touched over the cover of wire

non-contact electric tester circuit

overheat or temperature sensor– adjust the preset to what level of temperature do you want to automatically detect. You get a signal from the buzzer when cross the heat to a fixed level. This circuit can be used in an automatic controlling circuit to preventing a device to damage from overheat. 

This delay timer is very easy to make – This is very useful to prevent a device from sudden unregulated voltage spikes or surge current. you can change the delay time duration by changing the value of capacitor C1. When a 220uf capacitor used duration of delay is about 5 – 8 seconds.

on delay timer circuit

This is another electric tester circuit that detects the signal from touching the sensor wire over the cover of wires. Use only Battery for this circuit.

Non contact electric tester circuit

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