operational amplifier symbol

Operational amplifier | Op-amp

ContentsOperational Amplifier(op-amp)Block diagram of operational amplifierSymbol of an op-ampOp-amp circuits1. Inverting amplifier2. Non-inverting amplifierDifferential AmplifierCMRR (Common mode rejection ratio)Voltage follower or Unity gain of op-ampUnity gain bufferSlew rate (SR)Slew rate definitionSlew rate Formula Operational Amplifier (op-amp) An operational amplifier or op-amp is basically a multistage, very high gain amplifier having very high input impedance (typically […]

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what is diac

What is DIAC

What is DIAC Diac is a device of the thyristor family. DIAC means Diode Alternating current. Diode + Alternating current. This is a type of diode that works in both reverse and forward bias. This diode work on the complete cycle of AC means this work during a positive half-cycle and also during a negative

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servo motor pin diagram

Servo motor control using Arduino UNO

ContentsServo motor control using ArduinoWhat is Servo MotorApplications of servo motorAuto sweep (without Potentiometer)Servo motor control using a potentiometer (Knob) –Demo VideoServo control using Single PushbuttonCoding (Servo control using Single Pushbutton)Videoservo control using 2 push Button-Coding (Servo control using 2 Pushbutton)VideoSave and play Servo motorsVideo Servo motor control using Arduino Introduction What is Servo Motor

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kirchhoff's current law

kirchhoff’s law

Contentskirchhoff’s lawKirchhoff’s voltage law(KVL)What is Rise in potential and drop-in potential?kirchhoff’s current law (KCL)MeshLoopDifference between Loop and MeshExamplesExample 1Examples based on KCL (Node analysis Method)Example 2Example 3 kirchhoff’s law Kirchhoff’s voltage law (KVL) According to Kirchoff’s Voltage Law (KVL), In any closed circuit or mesh, the algebraic sum of all the emf (voltage source )

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active passive components

Active | Passive | Linear | Non-Linear | Unilateral | Bilateral Elements

ContentsWhat are electrical elementsClassification of electrical elements1.On the basis of energy transfer1. Source2. Load2. On the basis of waveformActive Components or Active ElementsPassive Components or Passive Elements3. On the basis of V-I  Characteristics Linear Elements (We also say Ohmic Element)Non-Linear Elements (It is also called Non-Ohmic element)Transistor, Diodes are Non -Linear elements. 4. Unilateral and Bilateral Unilateral Element/ComponentBilateral

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Norton theorem 1

Norton theorem

ContentsNorton’s theorem statementSteps for solving the Norton theorem problemsExample 1Example 2FAQ(Frequently asked questions) – Norton’s TheoremThevenin theoremKirchoff’s law (KCL, KVL) Logic gates Zener diode workingWhat is Opto-coupler/Opto-isolator Norton’s theorem statement In Thevenin theorem, we see that in any complex circuit sources are converted in single voltage source Vth with the Series resistor Rth. Norton’s theorem is also

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thevenins theorem

Thevenin theorem

ContentsThevenin theoremThevenin theorem statementThevenin theorem definitionThevenin’s theorem problemsExample 1Example 2Example 3 Thevenin theorem Thevenin theorem statement Thevenin’s theorem is very important in point of view to Simplify the Network and Reduction of Network complexity in any circuit. This is also a very important theorem for Engineering and diploma students in basic Electrical. Thevenin theorem definition

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how to read diode markings

Semiconductor device numbering system

Transistor And Diode identification guide Each Semiconductor devices have a special numbering coding as per the specification of those components. All Components have a particular symbolic numbering with Alphanumeric coding for represents the characteristics of the material and other parameters. There is an international numbering system for all semiconductor devices and components. Transistor Coding System

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low battery indicator circuit

Top 5 Circuit diagram For Beginners

Small Electronic Projects for Beginners circuit diagram Simple electronic circuit There are some small, simple and effective electronic projects for beginners. These electronic projects are very easy to make and can easily construct by any beginner who have basic knowledge of electronics. Schematic diagram simple electrical circuit diagram   Low battery indicator circuit diagram  

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ir remote control led 1

Remote controlled LED with Arduino

https://www.facebook.com/1828100427483348/videos/461946714311895/ How to program Arduino ir sensor code Nowadays Infrared (IR) remote is widely used as wireless communication to control any appliances. There are many advantages of wireless technology.  TV/video remote controls, motion sensors, remote control toys, music player and infrared thermometers are a very prominent example of wireless communication using a remote control. In

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