active passive components

Active | Passive | Linear | Non-Linear | Unilateral | Bilateral Elements

What are electrical elements All those elements which provide, consume, transfer or control the electrical energy. Called the electrical elements. Classification of electrical elements There are many types of electrical elements, but some main classifications are — 1.On the basis of energy transfer there are two types of electrical elements on the basis of energy …

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Norton theorem 1

Norton theorem

Norton theorem Norton’s theorem statement In Thevenin theorem, we see that in any complex circuit sources are converted in single voltage source Vth with the Series resistor Rth. Norton’s theorem is also a method to convert any complex network into a simple circuit. Norton Theorem, any two-terminal complicated network circuit can be converted in single …

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thevenins theorem

Thevenin theorem

Thevenin theorem Thevenin theorem statement Thevenin’s theorem is very important in point of view to Simplify the Network and Reduction of Network complexity in any circuit. This is also a very important theorem for Engineering and diploma students in basic Electrical. Thevenin theorem definition According to Thevenin’s theorem, any linear bilateral network irrespective of its …

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what is electronics

Difference between Electrical and Electronics

Difference between Electrical and Electronics First of all, we know the definition of Electronics What is Electronics Electronics is the branch of science that deals with devices and circuits that operate by controlling the flow of electrons and other electrical charge particles. Here we see the word controlling, the word controlling of electrons is very …

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how to read diode markings

Semiconductor device numbering system

Transistor And Diode identification guide Each Semiconductor devices have a special numbering coding as per the specification of those components. All Components have a particular symbolic numbering with Alphanumeric coding for represents the characteristics of the material and other parameters. There is an international numbering system for all semiconductor devices and components. Transistor Coding System …

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low battery indicator circuit

Top 5 Circuit diagram For Beginners

Small Electronic Projects for Beginners circuit diagram Simple electronic circuit There are some small, simple and effective electronic projects for beginners. These electronic projects are very easy to make and can easily construct by any beginner who have basic knowledge of electronics. Schematic diagram simple electrical circuit diagram   Low battery indicator circuit diagram   …

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remote control on off switch

Arduino Remote control 220v AC Without Relay

Remote controlled AC Load With Arduino Without Relay Arduino remote control Here I am presenting a mini project of remote control switch for any AC appliance without Relay. A homemade Arduino Remote control switch is an interesting idea. Arduino Uno board is used here but you can use any Arduino board. Download Arduino Library Proteus  …

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ir remote control led 1

Remote controlled LED with Arduino

https://www.facebook.com/1828100427483348/videos/461946714311895/ How to program Arduino ir sensor code Nowadays Infrared (IR) remote is widely used as wireless communication to control any appliances. There are many advantages of wireless technology.  TV/video remote controls, motion sensors, remote control toys, music player and infrared thermometers are a very prominent example of wireless communication using a remote control. In …

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over voltage Autocut circuit for stabilizer

Autocut Circuit For Stabilizer

Autocut Circuit For Stabilizer auto cut voltage stabilizer circuit diagram Here i am presenting a circuit of auto cut that is used mostly in manual voltage stabilizer. This is a protection circuit that protects electrical appliances from high voltage. This circuit connected with the output of the stabilizer. When the voltage increase above from the …

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