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3 relay stabilizer circuit diagram

Stabilizer Circuit Diagram

Here I am presenting some Most using and popular automatic stabilizer circuit diagram.

3 relay stabilizer circuit diagram

These are the following schematics diagrams of most using stabilizers. you can troubleshoot or construct a stabilizer by using the following circuit diagrams. these circuit diagram includes 2-relay, 3-relay with IC and without IC and with high voltage auto cut.  All are diagram of the automatic stabilizer.

This circuit uses total 4 relay and one LM324 op-amp comparator ic. 

3 relay automatic stabilizer circuit

2 Relay automatic stabilizer circuit

This circuit made using the one 358 comparator IC and 2 relay.

2 relay automatic stabilizer circuit diagram

3 relay stabilizer circuit

This automatic stabilizer circuit is made using total of 3 relay but there is no IC used .

3 relay stabilizer circuit diagram

stabilizer circuit diagram

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