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Clap ON OFF Switch Using 555 and 74LS74

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Clap ON Clap OFF Switch circuit Diagram

This is Another Clap ON-OFF Circuit Diagram Using 555 Timer and 7474 IC. When Clap the Load is Switch ON and When Again Clapped Then Load is Switch OFF. This Clap operated ON OFF Switch Circuit is Useful to ON-OFF any Appliance. The circuit is work By the Detection of clap sound. Clap Sound operated Switch circuit.

74LS74 ic is Dual D type flip flop. But in this circuit, Only One Flip Flop is used to the operation

This is ON OFF Switch by using Clap Sound. When You Clap The Load is Switch ON Again When Clap the Load is Switched OFF, It means this circuit Switch Any Appliance by Detecting the Sound. A condenser MIC is used to Sense the Clap sound. 7474 ic pin diagram D type Dual Flip Flop

Connect the All Components As Circuit Diagram, use 9-12 v to operate the circuit. You can Make More Sensible the condenser mic by an External Metal case covering to catching Maximum sound.

clap switch circuit diagram

Clap Operated ON OFF Switch circuit diagram



555 – 1

7474 – 1


47K- 1

1K- 2



BC547 – 2


10uf 25v – 1

Diode– 1N4007 -1

Relay 9v – 1

Condenser MIC-1


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