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LED Chaser Flasher Circuit

Multi Pattern LED Chaser

LED chaser using Arduino This LED Multi Pattern of Blinking effect is done by using the arduino UNO. This led chaser circuit connection is very very easy and simple because of arduino board is used. …

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Easy 3 Channel LED Flasher/Chaser

3 led flasher circuit using transistors

3 LED flasher circuit using transistor Here is another type of LED flasher circuit but this circuit is also about the same as my previous led chaser, here is some change in this circuit. This …

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Simple 5 LED Blinker/Flasher circuit

led flasher circuit diagram

Simple LED Flasher/chaser/Blinker Circuit This circuit is made using 5 npn transistors, some capacitors and some resistors. 5 LEDs are blinking as shown in this video gif . you can connect more LEDs as this …

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Simple 2 LED Blinking Flasher Circuit

 2 Led Flasher circuit Simple Blinking Flasher LED circuit This simple led flasher blinker circuit made by using two npn BC547 transistor and some resistors and capacitors. The speed of blinking can be changed by …

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LED Sequencer Chaser Circuit with 17 LEDs

LED flasher circuit

Sequential 17 LED Chaser circuit Without Microcontroller LED is the very popular visual decorative lighting thing with very low power consumption. The brightness and looking of colouring combination with multiple LEDs makes an good looking …

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