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Dual Power Supply Circuit

Dual power supply circuit

Some circuit required dual power for better operation like power amplifier, audio amplifier or other power circuit . That circuits made for operating with dual supply input voltage.

Dual supply means- One terminal gives +ve.  One terminal gives -ve and one is for ground .

Two terminals gives +ve and -ve supply accordingly and third is grounded,

For example If any circuit required 12v dual supply that means it need three input – 1 is +12v  2 is -12v  and 3 is Ground.

Here i am giving some circuit of dual power supply with regulated and non-regulated output.

Center taped transformer is best for dual power supply circuit. It Means primery (input)has 2 terminals and secondary (output) has 3 terminals. 

Select the diode for rectifier as per ampere required. You can use readymade bridge rectifier  IC which is available in market with different current rating.

Dual Supply circuit diagram

This is the general 12 V DC Dual power supply circuit . The output is not regulated of this circuit

The following circuit diagram gives regulated dual power output , Regulator ic is used in these circuit.

12v dc dual power supply circuit


Dual power dc supply 15v

9v dc regulated dual power supply circuit diagram

• 79xx ic used to regulate the negative input voltage where as the 78xx ic used for positive input dc voltage regulate.

• The pin configuration of LM 78xx and LM79xx are not same so careful when connect.

• The minimum input voltage should be greater than 3 volt than required output , if you use regulator ic. But if not ic used in circuit then the same voltage transformer use as output required.

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