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Difference between Electrical and Electronics

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Difference between Electrical and Electronics

First of all, we know the definition of Electronics

What is Electronics

Electronics is the branch of science that deals with devices and circuits that operate by controlling the flow of electrons and other electrical charge particles. Here we see the word controlling, the word controlling of electrons is very important in electronics and electronic devices because in electrical devices there is no control of electrons. we can control the flow of electrons in electronics.

What are Electronic devices?

 Electronics devices are those devices that perform a particular task by controlling the flow of electrons. For example, a normal electronics device is a diode. here a diode is designed to perform the task of as a switch in forward, In reverse bias, a diode performs a task as an open switch by controlling the flow of electrons.

Following are more differences according to different parameters 

Material-In Electronics We use mostly semiconductor materials like silicon and germanium. Materials used are mostly highly conductive like Aluminium, Copper, and silver in electrical devices.

Operating principle– we use electrical energy to perform a particular task. It works on Low voltage. Convert A form of energy into another form of energy to perform a particular task.

Current-Mostly uses Direct Current (DC) in Electronics devices. We use alternating current in electrical devices for performing a particular task.

Voltage – Electronic devices work on low voltage. Electrical devices work on High voltage.

Power consumption– In Electronics devices There is low power consumption. In Electrical devices, there is high power consumption.

What are Electrical devices?

Electrical devices are those devices that perform tasks Only the flow of electrons, or we can say that electrical devices are those devices that will change a form of energy in another form of energy.

Response time – Response time of Electronic devices are slow with the comparison of electrical devices.

Required space– Electronic devices required less space than electrical devices.

Safety– Electronic devices are safer than electrical devices.

Uses – Basically most of the mechanical type work operated in electrical devices. In Electronic devices, We can use it for coding or decoding of information or for amplifying a weak signal.

We see here what are differences and comparisons with different parameters between Electronic and Electrical devices. We read and study electronics and electrical but generally, we don’t have knowledge about differences between them because we never think about this.

Similarities between electronic and electrical devices

1. Both devices work on the flow of electrons.

2. The transformer is the primary device in both electronic and electrical devices. Because Mostly an electronic device get DC power from AC power by the reduce the required level of voltage and current using a step-down transformer, and after through rectifier convert AC to DC. (Step down and Step-up transformer only works with AC power).

Example of electrical devices- Transformer, Fan, Electric iron, Bulb, etc

Example of electronic devices- Diode, Transistor, Resistor, IC, mobile phone, TV, Microprocessor, etc


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