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Top 8 Electronic Components Search Engines

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A good electronic component search engine streamlines the process of finding and comparing components for electronic projects. It plays a pivotal role in saving people’s time by providing them with information on their desired components easily. It has a datasheet of the products you require, every part symbol, and their detail, incorporating their price and availability. These platforms even recommend alternative parts, in case your required component is not currently available.

If you are in search of a few leading electronic components search engines, then you are at the right place. This article has gathered information about the ultimate electronic component search engines on which you can lean on.

8 Leading Electronic Parts Search Engine

Here are the finest eight electronic components search engines.


One of the finest electronic component search engine is Findchips. There are various sources of search engines in the electronic parts market. Findchips has made it easy to find the requirement component. All you are required to do is input the manufacturer name or component number, Findchips processes and translates this data to assemble details from all the available authorities regarding the required component. However, in case you are in search of a highly involuntary and user-friendly interface to find outdated electronic parts, there is a possibility that this search engine may miss it. Moreover, it also provides updated rates and products from different distributors around the globe.


If you are in search of a findchips substitute, netComponents may be the best option. It is responsible for specifying and acquiring electronic parts. netCOMPONENTS is considered the largest marketplace for electronic components due to its possession of 900 billion electronic parts and more than 3000 supplier authorities. Other than the latest components search feature, netCOMPONENTS provides a datasheet search in which it has information about all the electronic components. Though not as user-friendly as findchips, this search engine effectively fulfills electronic part sourcing needs.

Trusted Parts

TrustedParts.com stands out by exclusively presenting products from licensed and trusted distributors, unlike other search engines that allow suppliers around the globe with minimal vetting. The platform goes above and beyond to confirm product details, pricing, and stock, ensuring that only data from manufacturer-authorized distributors is displayed. This rigid validation approach functions as a protection against fraud and scams.

Ultra Librarian

Ultra Librarian is a free electronic element sourcing tool distinct from the formerly mentioned search engines. It functions as an online PCB CAD library tailored for engineers and designers. With ample storage of over 16 million part symbols, 3D models, and electronic footprints, users can voluntarily skim and download from a collection spanning over 30 CAD formats.


NetParts is an electronic parts search engine and online store that presents products from top manufacturers. Although the variety of electronic components in this search engine is inferior compared to others, it effectively completes its intent. NetParts remains a steadfast platform for electronic part sourcing and dealing despite having some functional restrictions. Furthermore, it ensures users can find their required components from reputed and trustworthy manufacturers.


Digipart is considered another alternative to findchips, responsible for connecting consumers with electronic components distributors. Boasting an extensive database of over 10 million unique part numbers and a vast inventory sourced from over 200 distributors, Digipart fosters efficient cost comparisons for the most promising deals. Users can easily search for specific electronic components by mentioning part numbers, and then the search results display various suppliers along with stock quantities and price lists. This is how it simplifies the sourcing process to a great extent.


Electronics procurement professionals frequently search for Octopart as a substitute for Findchips. Octopart serves as an efficient search engine catering to those desiring quick and comprehensive comparisons of electronic components. It makes the comparison process quick and hassle-free by providing crucial technical information on millions of parts. Users can expedite the component selection process and seamlessly make purchases through various distributors.


OEMs Trade is another essential search engine that works in two ways. In the first manner, the users can conduct a quick search without registration. The second mode is when they do registration. The registration on the website acquired them the ability to broadcast their Request for Quotation (RFQ) to numerous suppliers simultaneously. This platform examines around 35 sources, providing a comprehensive search experience. Adding more to it, users have credentials to an anonymized list of parts that other individuals are currently exploring on the site.

Final Thought!

In summary, electronic component search engines, such as Findchips, netCOMPONENTS, Trusted Parts, Ultra Librarian, NetParts, DigiPart, OEMs Trade, and Octopart, streamline the process of sourcing components to a considerable degree. These platforms offer efficient comparisons, user-friendly interfaces, and ingenious features like setting target prices and requesting datasheets. As technology advances, these tools continue to play a paramount role in enhancing the accessibility and ease of electronic component procurement.

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