220v 230v AC to 12v DC 5v DC regulated Power supply circuit

230v ac to 12v dc and 5v dc Regulated Power Converter

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230v ac to 12v 1A dc and 5v 1A dc power supply circuit diagram

 ac to dc converter

In many electronics projects, we see that there is a requirement of a fixed-voltage power supply, fixed means no fluctuation in voltage. The output of any circuit fully depends on input voltage supply and it should be constant. Any sensitive circuit is more essential to operate on regulated power than any normal circuit. If I use RF operation in any circuit then its frequency must be constant because there is a small bit of voltage and current fluctuation make more variation of the output signal. We use the voltage regulator to regulate the voltage supply which maintains constant supply.220/230v ac to 12v/5v/6v DC Regulated Power DC converter Bridge Rectifier as required.

Ac power is easily available to anyone mostly, DC source is not easily available and if available there is no more time availability of continuity and at a time it is necessary to Recharge. AC to DC makes great stability of the power supply and not required charging again. So it is more usable and has more availability of voltage and current than a battery. 

• Converting from AC to DC is not an easy way. AC has different characteristics with respect to DC, and is more risky to humans and any living thing.

1. The first stage is in AC to DC is to take down the voltage as the required level using a step-down transformer

2. The second stage is Rectifying the signal, Rectifiers are used to rectify the signal. Rectifying means converting the ac signal to dc as possible.

3. The third stage is to filter the signal. After rectifying the signal it consists of ripple noise in the dc signal that is not perfectly suitable for operating the circuit. The capacitor is used to filter the signal.

4. The fourth stage is the Regulation, Regulation makes the more stable of any signal to give the circuit to constant supply. A regulator ic or Zener diode is used to make the constant signal. 

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12-0-12 1 A transformer

Diode in4007-4

Capacitor 1500uf 25v-1, 0.1uf-2
LM7805 ic-1,for 5v and 7812 for 12v

You need 9v dc then use 7809 and 7805 for 5v.

minimum 15 v input power is required for regulation of 12v using 7812

voltage regulator 78 series

7805 voltage regulator ic 7812 ic pin

Schematic diagram

220v 230v AC to 12v DC 5v DC regulated Power supply circuit

12v regulated power supply circuit


220v AC to 12 DC Regulated Converter circuit diagram using Bridge Rectifier

Note — In the rectifier circuit when we connect the diodes with the transformer output, the terminals of diodes give +ve supply with a negative (cathode) terminal and -ve supply with the anode terminal of a diode.

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9 thoughts on “230v ac to 12v dc and 5v dc Regulated Power Converter”

  1. Hello Mr.Aman, may I know what is the purpose of putting in 2 units of 0.1uf (104) capacitors before and after L7812. How does it play its role in the final circuit diagram in this article ? Thank you in advance.

    1. This is used to maintain the stability at the output and suppress the high frequency ripple noise. By shunting the AC Ripple signal to ground, provide reduced AC at output DC. it does improve transient response
      But this capacitor is Not strictly required.

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  3. Hi/ I dont know if this post is still active, I have a question about it, can you send me the Transformer info you used in this circute?

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