10A High Current Adjustable Voltage Regulator using LT1038

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1.25 v to 32 v 10 A Voltage Adjustable regulator Circuit

By this Regulator, circuit Output Load Can be connected up to 10 A Load.  The output current is 10 A of this circuit.

The LT1038 is a three-terminal adjustable voltage regulator which is capable of providing of 10A output high current at 1.2V to 32V range. According to the datasheet LT1038 has the following properties 

In addition to excellent load and line regulations, LT1038 is fully protected by current limiting, safe area protection, and thermal shutdown. New current limiting circuitry allows transient load currents up to 24A to be supplied for 500ms without causing the regulator to current limit and drop out of regulation during the transient.
On-chip trimming of the initial reference voltage to ±0.8% combined with 0.4% load regulation minimize errors in all high current applications. Further, the LT1038 is manufactured with standard bipolar processing and has Linear Technology’s high reliability.

By using this Formula you can Adjust the Output voltageCodeCogsEqn

The LT1038 develops a 1.25V reference voltage between the output and the adjustment terminal (see Figure 1). By placing a resistor, R1, between these two terminals, a constant current is caused to flow through R1 and down through R2 to set the overall output voltage. Normally this current is the specified minimum load current of 10mA or
20mA. Because IADJ is very small and constant when compared with the current through R1, it represents a small error and can usually be ignored.

CodeCogsEqn 1

10A High current voltage regulator Schematic diagram

High Current Voltage regulator circuit diagram

For 12 v output, The value of R2 Should be Adjusted on 860 Ω (approx) with the 100 Ω R1.

For 15 v output R2=1.1KΩ, R1=100Ω

For 6v output R2=380Ω, R1=100Ω

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LT1038 voltage regulator lt 1038 pin out lt1038

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