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LED Power indicator for 220v AC mains

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How to make 220v AC LED indicator


Generally we have seen that there are all indicators in our house on the wall switch board are of neon bulb which is small in size and connects with 68k resistor in series. You can make an indicator that glows very nice and looking so cool using LED and  make LED indicator for mains. LED indicator has more lasting than other . Here I am describing the LED Indicator circuit that can be used with For 230v – 240v AC Mains.

LED indicator has advantage of this is available at various color range, no any extra covering glass is needed to change the color and protection. If you need to use bi color or tricolor LED (two or three color) , then no any external circuit needed because led has in built with these property. It has more lasting than other .

LED light glow more bright and more looking beautiful than neon bulb . But There is a problem with led is to this works only with DC power, not with AC. If  i connects it with AC power with resistor . We see that LED has negilible glowing. 

If we connect a rectifier after the resistor with the anode point of led and ground directly with cathode then proper and sufficient brightness produce as indicator.

A 68kΩ or 100kΩ resistor is directly connected to Ac line(+) terminal to reduce the signal suitable for LED, after Resistor a rectifier diode must be connected in series with resistor to make AC signal into dc and then it connects to LED positive terminal. Negative pin of LED directly connected with AC ground. If you want to make more light glowing of LED then a 50KΩ resistor is connected at the place of 100kΩ resistor . .
Please careful with when connecting the terminal of diode and led. If connecting with wrong way or opposite then indicator will not work. Use 1N4007 diode. Following is the connection diagram of LED indicator with 230v AC. 

NOTE – Please don’t touch any part of circuit when testing. It is dangerous .

Connection diagram of LED indicator for 230 v ac .

led power indicator circuit for 220v mains

 Here is an another LED power indicator circuit diagram which can connect with any 220-230v AC line.

This circuit is more reliable than 1st .

Resistor of 1 W rating recommended

how to connect single led with 220v ac


Diode Symbol


Buy 1N4007 diodehttps://amzn.to/2UrkaGZ

Buy Resistors (Mixed value) – https://amzn.to/2OvAra4


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8 thoughts on “LED Power indicator for 220v AC mains”

  1. Very useful circuit. I replaced all indicator with LED with the help of your circuit diagram, and they are working fine. Thanks for the circuit diagram. At your website (www.circuitspedia.com) all circuit diagram is very useful.

  2. WHAT IS THE WATTAGE OF THE RESISTOR USED ? In order to lessen the heat generated whether a higher range of resistance can opt ? 130 K 5W ?

  3. Hi, could u pls explain how the second circuit is more reliable?? infact it uses 2 diodes in series. What change it makes?

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