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How To Connect Microphone with Any Amplifier

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 Condenser mic audio amplifier

how to make a microphone amplifier circuit

You can connect a condenser MIC with an amplifier circuit as given below diagram. This circuit will work very well with any type of Audio amplifier. Use only 3-6v for condenser MIC for the best result. The audio amplifier circuit needs 6-24v as per the amplifier specification. 

Connect the positive terminal of the mic with a 10 k resistor in series with the positive supply and the negative terminal of the mic is directly connected to the negative supply or ground. The output terminal of this circuit is at the collector of the transistor through 0.1uf capacitor bc548 transistor. The ground of the Amplifier and the preamplifier circuit is directly connected. You can use this circuit for any Audio amplifier circuit like 6283, 386, 4440, etc And enjoy this easy homemade MIC Loudspeaker. I suggest using the only battery for mic preamplifier because if you use an adaptor then this produces more noise.

This Circuit works with any type of amplifier circuit. 

If you have no audio amplifier then you can make a small amplifier very easily with LM386 ic. This is a very popular amplifier ic and is available on any electronic part store.

 condenser mic circuit diagram

mic speaker amplifier circuit diagram

Here is a circuit diagram of a popular small power amplifier using LM386. This is the best amplifier for small power. This works well with 6v DC. You can make this amplifier at home very easily.

Components for Preamplifier circuit

Condenser mic-1

Capacitor- 100uf -1,  104j (0.1uf)-2, 

Resistor- 220K-1,  10K-2,  

Transistor BC547 or 548- 1

 condenser mic audio amplifier circuit diagram


condenser mic amplifier circuit diagram

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  1. An amplifier (amp for short) is commonly used in conjunction with musical instruments, such as electric guitars and keyboards, although it is possible to hook up other devices to the speaker, including a microphone. However, hooking up the microphone does require you to use an adapter as the signal coming from the microphone uses an XLR cable while the amp accepts 1/4-inch connections.

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