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Arduino Remote control AC Dimmer

remote control ac dimmer arduino circuit

Arduino remote control AC Dimmer The brightness can be controlled using the IR remote of TV, DVD, etc. Dimming Control system using MOC3021, BT136 Triac and a zero-crossing detector circuit based on the MCT2E optocoupler. …

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Servo motor control using Arduino UNO

servo motor pin diagram

Servo motor control using Arduino Introduction What is Servo Motor Servo motor is a type of motor that can move or rotate its shaft in a specific angle with high precision control of angular or …

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AC dimmer using Arduino (Automatic)

ac dimmer arduino

AC dimmer Arduino What is dimmer Dimmer is a circuit that controls the voltage level by changing its waveform and gives output minimum or less than the input and make the brightness of light dim …

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Arduino LM35 temperature sensor with simulation

Digital thermometer design and development using Arduino UNO and LM35 temperature sensor Arduino LM35 Temperature Sensor with LCD display Thermometers enable us to read the temperature in any room, space or region. Thermometers are widely …

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Distance Measure Using Ultrasonic Sensor

Distance measuring instrument design and development using Arduino UNO and Ultrasonic Sensor SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor interfacing with Arduino distance measurement using ultrasonic sensor Ultrasonic sensors not only offer distance measuring utility without any physical contact …

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Remote controlled LED with Arduino How to program Arduino ir sensor code Nowadays Infrared (IR) remote is widely used as wireless communication to control any appliances. There are many advantages of wireless technology.  TV/video remote controls, motion sensors, remote …

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Multi Pattern LED Chaser

LED chaser using Arduino This LED Multi Pattern of Blinking effect is done by using the arduino UNO. This led chaser circuit connection is very very easy and simple because of arduino board is used. …

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