led bulb driver circuit

LED Bulb driver circuit diagram

  syska 12w LED driver circuit diagram   9w LED driver circuit 9W LED bulb driver circuit   philips 7w LED driver circuit diagram 7W LED bulb driver   3w LED driver circuit diagram of syska 3W LED bulb driver

74 series IC list

  Logic gates IC number list These are the IC number List of the 74xx series. The Logic gates family ic of TTL (transistor-Transistor logic) are the 74 series ic.  IC ­Number Description 7400 Quad 2 Input NAND gates 7401 Quad 2- Input NAND gates(Open collector) 7402 Quad 2-Input NOR gates 7403 Quad 2-Input NOR …

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what is PCBA

PCBA | PCB assembly

All You Need To Know About The Concept Of PCBA What is PCBA Before examining what aspects should be kept in mind while purchasing a PCBA, it is necessary to understand what PCBA is? Furthermore, PCBA is short form of PCB assembly, The manufacturing Process of PCB is called PCBA. In the PCB assembly process, …

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inverter circuit diagram

500/625VA inverter circuit with component layout

Mosfet inverter circuit schematic and component layout. These 500VA inverter images i found in a book i have.   Download full resolution using this link https://www.mediafire.com/file/4c816qajez3h82g/mosfet+inverter+circuit+and+component+layout.zip/file

proview inverter circuit 1250va 24v

Proview company Inverter circuit schematic 24V/1250VA

24V1250VA Proview inverter circuit schematic layout This is the full schematic diagram of the Proview company’s 1250VA inverter. This inverter works on 24V battery supply. All facilities of a modern inverter are given in this. Technical specification of this inverter Overload Protection MCB trip indication Low Battery Protection Battery status indicator Load Status indicator Constant …

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What is thermistor

What is Thermistor

Introduction A thermistor is also a resistor whose resistance depends on temperature. A thermistor is a temperature-sensitive semiconductor component whose specific resistance changes rapidly with the changing of temperature. in another word, we can say that the resistance of the thermistor is changes when its temperature of its change. A thermistor is also called thermal …

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What is a Supercapacitor?

  This article introduces you to some basic knowledge of supercapacitors. 1. Concept  what is a supercapacitor A supercapacitor or ultracapacitor is a new energy storage device between the traditional capacitor and the rechargeable battery, which has the characteristics of fast charging and discharging of the capacitor, and at the same time has the energy …

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