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Darkness detector Shadow alarm circuit

dark sensor circuit diagram

Light sensor circuit Shadow detector A Buzzer beeped and led will glow for a fixed time when a shadow falls on a phototransistor. This is a very sensitive light-sensitive circuit operated using the 741 opamp …

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What is Comparator

comparator working

Comparator A comparator is a circuit that compares two input voltages or currents and gives output High or Low as per input signal. The Output is a digital form according to the input signal compared …

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Ohm’s Law

ohm law

Ohm Law What is ohm’s law In the electrical field, Ohm’s law is a very important topic. This law is asked in almost all interviews and as basic fundamentals of electrical engineering for all who …

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Operational amplifier (Op-amp)

operational amplifier symbol

Operational Amplifier (op-amp) An operational amplifier or op-amp is basically a multistage, very high gain amplifier having very high input impedance (typically a few Mega ohms) and low output impedance(Less than 100 ohms) and has …

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Dark sensor circuit – 4 circuit

ldr sensor circuit

 how to make darkness circuit (4 circuits) 1. LDR Darkness circuit diagram using 555  These circuits uses directly 230v AC.  so careful when testing Components capacitor 105J 400V – 2 470uf 25v -1 10uf 25v …

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AC vs DC

difference between ac and dc AC vs DC   AC DC 1 AC means alternating current DC means direct current 2 AC current reverses its direction periodically. AC alternates its direction within a circuit over …

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What is DIAC

what is diac

What is DIAC Diac is a device of the thyristor family. DIAC means Diode Alternating current. Diode + Alternating current. This is a type of diode that works in both reverse and forward bias. This …

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Arduino Remote control AC Dimmer

remote control ac dimmer arduino circuit

Arduino remote control AC Dimmer The brightness can be controlled using the IR remote of TV, DVD, etc. Dimming Control system using MOC3021, BT136 Triac and a zero-crossing detector circuit based on the MCT2E optocoupler. …

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Servo motor control using Arduino UNO

servo motor pin diagram

Servo motor control using Arduino Introduction What is Servo Motor Servo motor is a type of motor that can move or rotate its shaft in a specific angle with high precision control of angular or …

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Difference between BJT and JFET

diff between BJT and FET

Difference between BJT and JFET Comparison between BJT and JFET   BJT JFET As its name Bipolar junction Transistor, This is a bipolar device. Means Minority and Majority both contribute in current conduction. This is …

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How capacitor block dc current

why ac current passes through capacitor but dc can’t how capacitor block dc current Explanation 1 We try to understand using a discharged battery in the circuit. When switch on, the battery is starting to …

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kirchhoff’s law

kirchhoff's current law

kirchhoff’s law Kirchhoff’s voltage law (KVL) According to Kirchoff’s Voltage Law (KVL), In any closed circuit or mesh, the algebraic sum of all the emf (voltage source ) and all the voltage drops will zero. …

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Norton theorem

Norton theorem Norton’s theorem statement In Thevenin theorem, we see that in any complex circuit sources are converted in single voltage source Vth with the Series resistor Rth. Norton’s theorem is also a method to …

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Thevenin theorem

Thevenin theorem Thevenin theorem statement Thevenin’s theorem is very important in point of view to Simplify the Network and Reduction of Network complexity in any circuit. This is also a very important theorem for Engineering …

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Difference between Electrical and Electronics

what is electronics

What is electronics Difference between Electrical and Electronics what are Electrical devices What are electronic devices First of all, we know the definition of Electronics What is Electronics?– electronics is the branch of science that …

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Zener diode working

zener diode

Zener diode Zener diode is a type of diode that flows of current also in reverse bias and in applications, it always connected in reverse bias and Zener diode limit the voltage, this diode is …

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AC dimmer using Arduino (Automatic)

ac dimmer arduino

AC dimmer Arduino What is dimmer Dimmer is a circuit that controls the voltage level by changing its waveform and gives output minimum or less than the input and make the brightness of light dim …

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