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Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit Using CD6283

CD6283 Stereo Amplifier Circuit Diagram

CD6283/A6283 is Dual channel Medium Power Audio Amplifier. This ic mostly used in portable Mp3 player, CD/DVD player, Radio tape  player etc. Best Suitable for Low Power Best Quality Audio player. 

This ic is SIP(Single in line package) has built in thermal shutdown protection and best for 9-12 v Supply operation. 

Output power = 4.6 Wx2 (VCC=12v)

Output power= 2.5Wx2 (VCC=9v) 

Operation supply Voltage range=9-12v

Low Popping Noise at Power ON

A6283/CD6283 Pin diagran

Complete circuit diagram of Dual channel Stereo Audio Amplifier

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CD6283 Stereo Audio Amplifier circuit diagram


0.1uf= 104

 Download Datasheet of 6283

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