optocoupler symbol

What is Opto-coupler/opto-Isolator

Optocoupler/Optoisolator Opto-coupler is an electronic component that is used to conduct the electrical signals from one circuit to another circuit without directly connected between them. In other words, an optocoupler is used to transfer electrical signals between two circuits optically. Here both circuit is electrically isolated from each other. Opto-coupler is also called photocoupler, opto-isolator …

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high power inverter circuit diagram pcb layout 2

500W high power inverter circuit diagram

This is the circuit diagram of high power 500W inverter. Below is also component Layout/PCB layout of this schematic diagram. circuit diagram PCB Layout/Component Layout   Related Post Microtek digital inverter circuit Switch ON Delay Timer circuit Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit Using CD6283 Top10 electronic circuit diagram for beginners Luminous digital inverter circuit diagram

high power inverter circuit diagram

300W inverter circuit diagram

This is the circuit diagram of a 300W simple inverter. This inverter circuit uses two ic NE555 and SN74LS112 and 10 2N3055 Transistor with some other components.   Also Read Stabilizer Circuit Diagram Su-Kam digital inverter circuit diagram Top 5 Circuit diagram For Beginners Arduino Remote control AC Dimmer Light Activated Switch using Transistor

obstacle detector

Infrared proximity sensor circuit

Infrared proximity sensor circuit obstacle detector circuit When an object comes near and in front of the IR sensor then the output of the circuit becomes HIGH. But when the object will keep far away from the IR sensor, the output will LOW automatically. This is the function of IR proximity or obstacle sensor. infrared …

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hexa to binary

Number system, Decimal, Binary, Octal, Hexa conversion

Number system A number system is a system to express or representing a number by using a set of mathematical notation or digits or symbols in a specific manner. Number system represents a unique notation or code for every number and it also allows to operation of mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, and division. The …

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