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Godown wiring | Tunnel wiring | Two way switch wiring,

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Light switch wiring

Two way switch wiring

Normally in general light switch wiring, we use normal 1 way switch wiring. In simple light switch wiring, we don’t need any special technique and all lights are connected through a separate one way switch with a parallel of supply. We see a normal 1-way switch wiring in our houses or our offices. Generally in any residential place or any office, there are used one-way switch wiring for lighting.

Tunnel wiring

In tunnel light switch wiring, we need a special type of lighting control and 2 way switch wiring used. for example, in this type of light wiring one light is turned ON then the other is automatic get OFF. if a tunnel has many lights are connected at a fixed distance from each other and any person wants to switch on the light only at that exact point according to his going through in the tunnel where the person wants and all other lights except that are switched off. If I enter in the tunnel or in godown then at first I switch on the lights of the only L1  and all other is switch off remain, Now I go to next light L2 then I press the switch S2, only lights of L2 is Get Turn on and all other lights get to switch off Automatic.

One way switch and two way switch

In circuit 1, there are 6 lights are connected in the diagram, but you can connect more lights. In this diagram, lights glow in pairs, which Means 2 lights glow at once. When switch S1 is pressed- L1 and L2 lights glow. When Switch S2 is pressed then light L2 and L3 glow but L1 will OFF. And so on when switch S3 is pressed then the L3 and L4 will Be Turned ON but L2 will OFF automatic. Two lights will glow at once. But when pressed the last switch (here S6 is the last switch) then all lights will OFF. All switches used in this wiring are 2-way switch.

2 way switch wiring

Godown wiring

In the second light switch wiring, only one light ON at a time, and others are switched OFF. If any person enters the godown or in the tunnel, and at first he presses the switch S1 then light X1 Turn ON, now he goes to next and press switch S2 then the light X2 will turn ON only and light X1 automatic Switched OFF. And according to this when switch S5 is pressed, then only light X5 Glow and all other lights are Switched off automatic. When the last switch is pressed then all lights are switched OFF. This type of wiring uses 2 way switch.

two way switch wiring

The one-way switch has 2 connectors for connecting the wires and this switch is also called a single-pole switch. The two-way switch has 3 connecting points for a wire connection.

Hostel wiring

In hostel wiring there are many lights are connected through a master switch. The master switch is a single-pole one-way switch of high ampere. One ground or neutral wire is connected with each of the lights directly. Phase wire is connected across a master switch and after the middle pin of each two-way switch is connected to each light. One side pin of two-way switch is connected with the same side pin of the other two-way switches. When the master switch is OFF then all switches are working separately and can able to switch OFF and ON the light as we want. But if I press the master switch then all lights are Turned ON continue and not no switch can Switch OFF the light separately. It means the master switch will disable all switches for switching OFF the light.

two way switch wiring

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