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What is Fusible resistor

ContentsFusible Resistor or Fuse Resistor what is a fusible resistorDifference between a fuse and a fusible resistor.FAQ(frequently asked questions) – Fusible Resistor Fusible Resistor or Fuse Resistor  what is a fusible resistor The fusible resistor is a special type of resistor made for the purpose of the protection of any circuit. This resistor is made of …

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Resistor Working And Types

Resistor working | Color Code Of Resistor | SMD Resistor Code

All About Resistor  ContentsIntroduction.  What is a ResistorWorking Of ResistorTypes of Resistors     Fixed resistors:  Fixed resistor typesCarbon composition:Carbon film:  Metal oxide film: Metal film:Wire wound: Thin-film:  Variable resistorsThrough-hole (Leaded resistor)Surface mount (non-led) or SMD ResistorsResistor Color CodeHow to read color code of resistor Color code of Resistor        Color Code Table of ResistorSeries connectionParallel connection• Resistor Color Code Calculator Introduction. …

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