Homemade FM Transmitter circuit

easy fm bug transmitter circuit

500m FM transmitter circuit

  Easy, Simple and best FM transmitter circuit for homemade mini radio station    Homemade FM Transmitter circuit diagram Components Transistor- 2N3904-2 Resistor-1M-1, 470Ω-1, 22k to 47kΩ-2, 10kΩ-1 Capacitor-1nf-1, 0.1uf-3, 10pf-2, 33pf-2 Inductor- 4-5 Turn of 4 mm dia air core coil of copper wire Condenser mic-1 This simple and easy FM transmitter circuit can transmit […]

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FM Transmitter

Simple FM transmitter Circuit

 Simple FM transmitter Circuit This is a circuit diagram of the FM transmitter which constructed very easily. This FM Transmitter circuit needs very less components. This circuit is based on two NPN transistors of 2N2222 which is a low-power amplifier. At the first transistor stage, the input signal is preamplified and then the transistor T2

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